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Audition Game Pro Digital is a 10-video online program that teaches you how to play The Audition Game...and win!

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Take these powerful tools and start using them on your next audition!

Auditions 2 Offers is a step-by-step marekting program that teaches you how to create your own acting opportunities...with or without representation.

You'll also get a 1-hour Marketing Master Class to learn how to identify, connect with, and build relationships with the people who directly you hire you.

It's time to take control of your career with both marketing tools and a powerful audition technique that works.

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What Others Are Saying...

"I think you know how I’ve been raving about your Audition Game Pro class and sharing it with everyone I think could benefit from it. Just wanted to add….you were right…I booked something. My first series regular role!!!! I’m beyond excited about this new chapter in my life and I am grateful for the role you have played in my story."

- Carlease Burke Series Regluar on NBC'S Crowded

"I was totally guilty of the "spaghetti syndrome" - throwing everything to the wall and seeing was would stick. Now I have a specific, systematic approach. Marketing and networking are not words that fill me with dread anymore. I actually wake up feeling excited about my marketing thanks to Emily."  

- Rachel Errington

"Wendy, Thank you for everything that you told me. You’ve given me so much in terms of tools to use as an actor and I USE THEM all the time! It means a lot.”

- Khalilah Joi Winner of the 2014 ABC Talent Competition